InstaOn Implementation

Maybe you’re uncomfortable with computers and technology. Perhaps setting up software and testing candidates and current employees burdens your budget and your time. Our healthcare testing/staffing software is implemented with minimal disruption to your business and is designed to be intuitive for any user. With InstaOn Implementation, you’re ready to start testing, credentialing, scheduling, and staffing nurses right away.
  • We set up your software within one business day, which includes your own individual web-based portal platform.

  • During one hour of “super user” training, the NurseCompetency team trains you to be comfortable working in the user-friendly, completely automated interface.

  • Our preconfigured testing/staffing software platform works for approximately 90% of healthcare staffing companies and healthcare facility clients, yet also has the unique ability to customize nearly every aspect of the interface to allow for a perfect fit with your organization.

  • Once the software is set up, you may immediately start sending links with role-specific content to candidates.

  • You also get instant testing results and staffing data via email, which allows you to dive in for additional, deeper reporting.


“As an advocate for our franchise staffing operations, I am pleased with all the new features and new exams that are continually being developed and made available to meet our demands. So far, I have received rave reviews about how much our staffing offices love the new site and how user friendly it is to use.”

Lori Purcell, BSN, RN, Clinical Specialty Support, Interim Healthcare