TailorMade Testing

Our robust testing platform allows you to access more than 125 clinical and nursing exams, 75 skills checklists and 35 education topics. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to create and add your own exams with our software’s TailorMade Testing feature. This platform portal adds a level of customization and personalization that’s not often found in healthcare testing software, providing you with simple ways to:
  • Add new educational topics and create multiple choice or true/false exams – you may also easily add or edit skills checklists

  • Customize all communication to the test takers, so that the language speaks in the voice of your organization

  • Change registration parameters or test times, based on your preferences

  • Override pre-configured content assignments to allow for the customized assignment of content to a specific candidate


"The clinical exams from NurseCompetency play a key role in our talent management program—as they are used to measure and ensure that our clinical personnel are knowledgeable and competent to perform the tasks associated with their respective positions. The high level of authority among the subject matter experts consulted and the rigor in exam development both contribute to make NurseCompetency’s clinical exams among the best available anywhere for assessing competencies.”

Kellie Hodge, Director of Nursing, Omega Hospital
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