Simplify Your Testing and Achieve Complete Competency

As a decision-maker, you need quality competency testing solutions that are easy to use, ensure compliance and don’t disrupt your day-to-day business. You need a user-friendly software platform that helps you manage testing for compliancy, competency and accreditation, places qualified nurses into open positions and automates processes that are currently draining your in-house resources. When you partner with Nurse Competency, we deliver Complete Competency:
  • Our proprietary software takes a less than one business day to set up. This software has a role-based system to automatically drive the right content to the right people, and it requires no manual setup for testing.

  • You never have to worry about bogging down your day with technical issues. We offer one-on-one help, and train one of your employees to be the “super user” of your group. You are guaranteed a response to your problem within an hour or less during regular business hours. If you call after business hours, your phone call will be promptly returned the next business day.

  • The employee workflow is automated, and with our Plus or Premium package, it allows employees easy uploading of important documents. Automation features also include a bulk text/email feature, making it easy to reach users for available jobs based on each nurse’s specific credentials. In fact, you are able to coordinate all nurse staffing operations with our Premium platform’s organized booking calendar.

  • Gain visibility into your whole staffing company or one office in your healthcare facility with our software platform’s built-in statistics. This feature automates passed exam certificates for the employees and exam reports for employers. This feature also allows you compare your users’ test scores against national benchmarks.

"Medical Solutions has had a wonderful experience with NurseCompetency's online testing and customer service. It is super easy to use - our nurses don't even need invites - and we greatly appreciate the thorough content expert review which ensures that all information stays current at all times. NurseCompetency provides a great value to Medical Solutions; it's an affordable service but it never compromises the quality that is so important for us to maintain our staffing of Travel Nurses. I would certainly recommend it to others."

Amber Barna BSN, RN, Clinical Director of Nursing, Medical Solutions LLC