File Management with our Nurse Staffing Agency Software

The Nurse Staffing Agency Software available with the NurseCompetency Premium package allows you to easily manage all of your company documents. From inside the employee digital record, and inside a facility customer's digital record, multiple documents types can be uploaded and classified. In addition, from the centralized file manager, company documents can be uploaded, downloaded, classified, and deleted. The employee and facility documents can also be accessed from this central file manager, and can be quickly filtered by location.

Utilizing our software for nursing agency staffing, image files (e.g. jpg, gif, png, ect.), PDF's, and popular Microsoft file types (e.g. doc, docx, xls, xlsx, etc.) can be uploaded and classified with ease. When uploading multiple files at one time via a zip file, you have the option to extract all files on upload. The file management software will evaluate each item on upload, and automatically try to classify the document type (e.g. BLS, Licensure, etc.). Image files uploaded and properly classified can then be pulled into generated forms - like the employee photo in the name badge. Uploaded documents can also be linked to company created education - this can be used to allow employees access to a facility customer's orientation packet from within your portal.‚Äč
Central File Manager in Nurse Staffing Software
Employee Documents in Medical Staffing Software
Facility Files in Healthcare Staffing Software
Quickly access business critical documents from our nurse staffing agency software:

  • Company Documents
  • Facility Customer Documents
  • Employee Documents
  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Extract zip files
  • Image Files
  • and Much More

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The Nurse Competency software for nurse staffing is used by several healthcare staffing companies throughout the U.S. This software makes it easy to manage your company's documents. Call us at 888-607-1492 to request more information about our nurse staffing agency software, or to schedule a demo to view how the system works. If you are seeking the ability to easily upload, download, and track important company documents from a clean, user-friendly interface, the NurseCompetency Premium package is right for you.